Permanent Forum Project, City and Processes



: 11 a 27 de Novembro 2020

The Permanent Forum Project, City and Processes is a joint activity of the Project Process Laboratory at FAV and the Postgraduate Program Project and City of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) in partnership with the Jatobá Journal (@revista_jatoba).

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Among other activities, online lectures will discuss different design and analysis processes, and think the city itself as processes. It aims to debate the different ways in which the city creates systems of social relations and structures.

This year's edition (2020) is entirely digital. In a COVID-19 pandemic scenario, it aims to enhance people’s security and maximize global connectivity.

Lectures will be held in English, with latter addition of subtitles. Registration for certificates will be carried out through a Google form during live streaming.






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11/11/2020 | 10h30 - Brazil time

Spatial Methodologies for Visualizing Social Inequalities in Metropolitan Areas
[Metodologias Espaciais para Visualização de Desigualdades Sociais em Regiões Metropolitanas]
Ernesto Amaral, Texas A&M University, US

13/11/2020 | 10h - Brazil time

Branded Heritage
[Patrimônio Marcado]
Michela Pace, IUAV, Italy

18/11/2020 | 10h - Brazil time

Urbanism of exception? The camp and inhabitation
[Urbanismo de exceção? O acampamento e o habitar]
Camillo Boano, Polito, Italy / UCL, UK

20/11/2020 | 14h - Brazil time

Dialectic of Nature and Capital: Subjects of the Eco-Imaginary
[Dialética entre Natureza e Capital: Subjeitos do Eco-Imaginário]
Douglas Spencer, ISU, United States

25/11/2020 | 10h - Brazil time

Regional Design: a transformative approach to planning
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[Design Regional: uma abordagem transformadora para o planejamento]
Valeria Lingua, UniFi, Italy

27/11/2020 | 10h - Brazil time

Landscape design methods: experimentation along rivers
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[Métodos para o projeto da paisagem: experimentações ao longo de rios]
Angioletta Voghera, POLITO, Italy



Camilo Vladimir de Lima Amaral

Cláudio Aleixo Rocha

Fernando A. Oliveira Mello

Frederico A. Rabelo

Lucas Felício Costa

Cayrene M. Souza Cardoso

Maria Carolina R. Melo

Marília Mota Rezende

Luiza Amaral Daher

Letícia Mastrela Gomide

Yuri H. de Paula Santana


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